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Sourdough with sesame and poppy seed

If you have your own go-to sourdough recipe, you could try just adding the sesame and poppy seeds, tahini and grape molasses, it will be just lovely!



75 g sourdough

70 g strong white

70 g strong wholemeal

90 g water

Mix sourdough with water, then add flour, rest for 4-5 hours

Main dough:

150 g strong wholemeal

250 g strong white

40 g sesame seeds

40 g poppy seeds

8 g salt

20 g grape (or other) molasses

20 g tahini

300 g water


Mix dry ingredients, then add molasses, tahini and water, autolyse for 1 hour or so. Mix everything together, knead briefly. Over the next few hours, do 3-4 rounds of stretch and folds. Rest for 1-2 hours, then shape with wet hands on wet surface. Roll in a mixture of poppy and sesame seeds and put into well floured (with rice flour) banneton. Rest in fridge overnight.The next day, turn out and score, bake in preheated Dutch oven or similar at the highest possible temperature for 25 minutes. Remove the lid, turn temperature down to 200 degrees and bake a further 25 minutes.