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Sourdough with KitchenAid


- 100g levain using 50/50 rye/wholemeal

- 450g Strong Canadian flour

- 25 Wholemeal flour

- 25g Rye flour

- 350g warmish water (around 30C)

- 8g salt


- Pour the warm water in the KitchenAid bowl, then add the flours. Gently mix for 4/5 min at minumum speed using the hook. Cover the bowl with cling flim and let it rest for 1h (Autolysis)

- Add the levain to the bowl, start mixing at speed one then add the salt. Mix at speed 1 for 4min then speed 2 for about 6 to 8min (until the dough doesnt stick to the bowl). Cover again and let it rest for 1h30.

- Dust your workbench, sprinkle some flour on to a surface, scrape the dough out of the bowl with your fingers (or a dough scraper if you have one).

- First shaping : Fold the dough over itself a few times from different sides (usually between 4 and 6) until it gets firmer. Dust your fingers or scraper if it gets too sticky. Flip it over and let it flatten for 15min

- Second shape : Flip the dough over, sprinkle some flour. Grasp the top of the dough, bring it to the center, then take the left, bring it to the center, then do the same for each quarter of the dough. You now have a quare. Continue bring the 4 corners to the center, and flip it over. The dough shoud be firm. If not pull a few more edges to the center until so.

- Sprinkle some rye flour (less sticky than white) onto the banneton and gentle place your dough in it, upside down (the folds part uppermost). Sprinkle some flour onto the to and cover with cling film.

- Put your banneton in the fride for 12-20h. U usually make it at night, and leave it until back from work the day after.


- Turn your oven to the maximum (250C for me) for at least 1h, with a firestone or a cast iron pot.

- Only take your dough out of the fridge once ready to score it and put it in the oven. Once ready gently take the dough out of the banneton, score it and pu it in the cast iron pot and put the lid on, or simply put it on the firestone. If you're baking with firestone, make sure you have a pot with hot water in the oven for the first 15min for the steam. You don't need it with the cast iron pot.

- Cast iron pot : bake for 15min, then take the lid off and leave it for another 10min to form a nice colour crust.

- Firestone : bake for 15min, then take out the pot with water if there is still some in and leave it for another 10min to form a nice colour crust.

Enjoy your bread