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Sourdough with a twist


50g or 75g active fed starter (depends on day or overnight method)

150g water

200g milk (any kind including dairy free) I've used skimmed/semi-skimmed/oat milk

75g white spelt

50g wholemeal (spelt or stonegroun)

250g Canadian white

125g Typo 00

8g salt I love Himalayan


I have an overnight method where I dont put the dough together until 5/6/7pm in winter (in summer I find overnight never works if you like a good sleep) This one used 50g starter. 1h autolyse and 5 stretches and folds approximately 30mins apart after which I leave the dough covered until morning when I scoop it onto the counter and perform a preshape and then final shape 20mins later into my banetton and into the fridge covered. Ready to bake by afternoon. Score the dough with a lame (made a snowflake this time) Preheated oven 250C taking down to 225C when putting the loaf in. Bake in a casserole pot for ideal lift and steam for 45 mins covered and approx 5mins uncovered for additional colour, never cut into the dough until minimum 45mins later

Alrernatively I put the dough together midday or early afternoon and then I use 75g starter but same method as above except no overnight proof, I shape it before bed, and refrigerate let's you bake it in the morning if you wish or will keep nicely until any time that day you like. The 75g starter means it has enough power to continue to proof even in the fridge and mine is cold 4C. This is my summer mrthod always as overnight over proofs in warm weather but it's also great for a slightly shorter and morning bake as well as being much nicer if you like a lie-in which risks overproof if overnight method is used. Mine usually gets a good 4h or more room temperature proof before refrigeration after my 5 stretches and folds (if you're lazy or busy you can get away with 3-4 rounds )