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Sourdough white loaf with sun dried tomato and olives and rosmary


431g of Ship Mill white canadian flour

302ml of distilled water

86g of starter

autolyse for 40 min in bowl cvered with shower cap,

add 9g of salt and 22ml water


Mix all together and after 40min you need to start stretch and fold 4 times (this is also when you add chopped olives, herbs, and sun dried tomato), each time you stretch turn your bowl for 60 degree and stretch another corner and fold into center, so that by the end you cover all 4 ends and turn around the dough upside down and press 1 finger into the dough, to mark the stretch and fold step. Repeat same stretcha dn fold 4 times after 40min, at the end this time press 2 fingers into the dough once finish to mark second stretch and fold, repeat this proces 4 times in total, than leave on the side to pre-ferment for 6-8h depending on room temperature. The bowl where your dough is in need to be covered with shower cap or another bowl on the top so the dough wont dry out.

After pre-ferment, yuor dough should double in size and its ready to shape. Turn the dough on floured surface and shape it by stretching top bit of the dough and pull it in the middle, than grab right corner, stretch pull it in the middle and same with left. Than repeat from start. You should be able to do that at least 3 times and shape it in long shape loaf than put it in proving basket and leave it in fridge to cold prove for least 8h and it can stay up to 24h.

Preheat the oven and bake at 9 gas mark which is hotest setting, I bake mine in clay pot which I preheat wiith the oven. Once is heated I tip now proved dough into the clay pot, score the top wih bread lame and cover it to maintain the moister to build that lovely crust. Bake covered for 30min on gas mark 9 and remove the lid of clay pot that i am baking, I will lower the heat to 7 and bake for another 30 min.

This recpie is guidline as sourdough is live animal and behavies as it wishes :)