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Sourdough white at about 75% Hydration

Begin with 300g active sourdough starter 100% Hydration using Italian white (118)

Add to 300g water and mix in until well dispersed.

To this add 450g of Italian white (118), I sometimes add half and half blend with Dark Rye (603)

Bring together to form a rough dough making sure to leave no dry ingredients then let it rest for ten minutes.

Knead well to form an elastic dough, 10 minute knead then rest cycles are effective

Continue until the dough is silky and elastic then place into a well oiled bowl and cover.

Once the volume increases by about one third tip out, stretch and fold incorporating 10g of salt. Continue and form into the shape you prefer

Dust well with flour once shaped and place into a proving basket. Cover to prevent drying, I use 'hotel' shower caps

Once risen to almost double in volume bake in a pre heated oven as hot as you can (250C) for 40 min or until sounding hollow when tapped on the bottom. I always put an empty roasting tin on the bottom shelf of the oven and pour cold water in at the last minute to bathe the loaf in steam whilst cooking, this improves the rise and the crust.