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Sourdough sweet potato bread


1/2C-1Cup of sweet potato (any plain, preferably leftover baked or boiled sweet potato)

50g sourdough starter

300-325g warm water

2tsp cinnamon

1-2tsp nutmeg

1tsp ginger

1/4-1/2tsp cloves

1-2tsp vanilla extract

50g rye flour

450g bread flour or ILK

10g salt

for after bulk ferment:

1/3C brown sugar

2tbsp butter- melted


using a kitchen scale in grams- add all ingredients to a 2L glass bowl at once in order presented above- stirring as you add each new ingredient.

Once dough has come together, let rest 1hr and get form 2-4 sets of stretch and pulls over the next 1-2hours. Then let bI'll ferment 10-15hours (depending on house temperature) until dough has risen to the top of the bowl.

Pour dough onto a rice flour surface and gently stretch until it's in a rectangle about standard paper sized.

Mix melted bitter and brown sugar. Add a small layer of water to the dough and sprinkle mixture in top of the dough. Then swiftly roll the dough together like a log and pinch the ends so all the sugar stays instidw. Place in loaf tin, seem side down and refrigerate 4-12hours (depending on your schedule)

Bake for 40-50min at 180C until internal temp is over 200C