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sourdough no knead rye bread


1 table spoon of rye starter

400 gr of rye flour (organic dark rye - type 1350)

500 ml luke warm water


200 gr of spelt wholemeal flour (or 100 gr of spelt and 100 gr of white bread flour or 200 gr of white bread flour)

1,5 tea spoon of salt

1,5 tea spoon of caraway seeds (ground or whole) or spices for bread

+ any seeds or grains you like


Mix 1 table spoon of starter with 400 gr of rye flour and 500 ml of luke warm water, stir it well, flatten the surface and cover the bowl with a lid and let it ferment for about 11 - 12 hours (depends on the temperature of the room).

When the femented mixture is ready, (take from it 2 spoons for the next baking, add rye flour and water in it and store in a fridge), add 200 gr of flour that you like (spelt, white bread or their mixture) and add also salt and caraway and other seeds.

Stir it well, so there would be no dry pieces in it.

Prepare loaf tin for baking, its size should be about L30 x W11 x D7, brush it lighty with oil (I use rapeseed oil) and transfer the dough in it. Again, flatten its surface. Cover it with table cloth for 2-3 hours. When the dough will double its size and the baking tin will be full, it is ready to be baked.

Preheat the oven for 250 C, there is no need to place another tray with water inside. Place the bread in the middle of the oven, bake it 10 mins on 250C, then reduce temperature to 180 - 190 C, and bake it further for 35 mins. Take it out of the oven, turn it upside down and bake the bottom of the bread for 5 more mins. Bread is done. Let it cool down on a grid and enjoy.