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Sourdough Mixed seed loaf


200g fed/risen starter (fed 50% canadian flour/50% water)

400g slightly warm water

200g Rye flour

600g strong white flour

150g mixesd seeds

1 tbsp salt.


Mix all ingreadients in a stand mixer for 7-10mins.

Strech and fold 3-4 times over the next 1.5 hours.

Leave overnight in the fridge (mixed at 7pm, left on counter until 10.30pm).

Divide into 2, shape and into bannetons.

Leave for 5-6 hours at (a coldish) room temperature.

Preheat dutch oven in oven to 230 deg C

Bake for 25 mins with lid on, 10 mins lid off. Check internal temp is at least 90 deg c.