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Sourdough English Muffins (makes 8+)


600g strong white flour (I used ciabatta flour as that is all I had whilst waiting for a flour deliver)

360g of (discard) sourdough starter

180g milk

42g beaten egg

30g caster sugar

30g Butter

12g salt

12g fresh yeast

Semolina or cornmeal or corse polenta for dusting


Put the starter, milk and fresh yeast into a bowl and beat together. Use a pan of boiling water from the kettle to warm the liquid in the bowl.

Weigh the flour, sugar and salt into another bowl. Add to the starter and combine. This will feel a little dry. Let stand for 30 minutes.

Knead the dough until the gluten has started to form. Add the butter and beaten egg. Squeeze into the dough and then finish kneeding until a smouth dough is obtained. Cover with the bowl and rest for an hour.

Dust work surface with the semolina. Roll out the dough to 1cm thick. Dust the top with semolina and cut out 8 muffins with a cookie cutter. Cover with a plastic bag and proof for 20 minutes.

Warm a frying pan (I used an electric crepe pan on a high heat). You will want to use the first few to get the temperature right initially. You want it hot enough to brown the outside but cool enough to cook all the way through. Cook on both sides for approximately 5-6 minures.

Allow to cool on a wire rack.


p.s. With the scraps of dough I formed into rolls and proofed for 30 minutes before baking in an oven. Brucy bonus. Dinner rolls.