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Sourdough bread with seeds

Sourdough starter :

Ingredience :

2 spoon's of rye starter (full strenght )

100g rye bread flour

100g water

Procedure :

Rye starter pour into a bowl add water melt together then add flour mix up troughtly , cover with lid for 10-12 hours to precess fermentation

Ingrediens :

500g Canadian Strong White Bread Flour

150g Rye bread flour

350g water

2 tea spoon of salt

seed's ( pumkins, sunflower,flax)

1 spoon olive oil

Procedure :

Sift flour into bowl pour water and sourdough starter mix up gently and leave rest for 30 minutes for fermentation

After fermentation add oil,salt,seeds mix them troughtly for 10-15 min let dough rest then stretch and fold the dough three times, every 30 minutes, covering between handling. Shape a bread loaf and put into bread proofing basket for final fermentation it take usually 2-3 hours .

Baking :

Place the baking tray in the oven and pre-heat on 250'C for aapproximately 30 min , place bread on baking paper and cut half a centimeter deep line on the top of loaf . Place bread into oven splash watter on the bottom of oven bake for 10 minutes then lower temperature on 200'C and continue baking for 25 min take out bread from oven and place loaf onto cooling grille