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Sourdough Bread & Focaccia - Organic Light Malted Flour

Having in the past used various bread flours. i decided to experiment with Shipton Mills Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) , i found the taste & smell coming from this flour was so satisfying , both for my Bread & Focaccia. & the odd Pizza . This recipe can be devided into two loaves , or has i often do , one loaf and a focaccia , aprox 790 gr each .

1. Night before take 110 gr from your Sourdough Starter , in a Container/ Jar add 110 gr Shipton Mill Italian Type 00 Flour 118 ( Other White Flour is Fine ) add 110 gr Tiepid Water , mix all together , lightly cover with paper or clingfilm leave overnite.

2 In Mixing Bowl add 460 ml of tiepid water

3 Add 330 gr Starter prepared the night before , mix with spatula for 1-2 mins

4 Add 200 gr Shipton Mill Italian Type 00 Flour 118 - Mix for 1-2 mins untill combined with the liquid

5 Add 15 gr of Salt

6 Add 600 gr Shipton Mill Organic Light Malthouse Flour (301) , nead for 10 mins by hand , or electric mixing bowl with dough hookfor 6-8 mins . At this point the dough will be very sticky , try to avoid the temptation of adding extra flour , Rest the dough in the bowl Lightly Covered for 2-3 hrs , depending on the room temperature , or at least doubled in size , try not to place on a cold surface.

7 Scrape out dough from your bowl onto your wood , or stone surface , wet your hands lightly with olive oil, start the folding method , see online for advice if needed , i put this back in the bowl & slightly cover , repeat this every