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sourdough and tumeric

1000 grams of shipton no 4

700 grams of warm water

200 grams of sourdough starter

2 table spoons of dried tumeric powder

2 table spoons of nigella seeds

20 grams of salt

add tumeric to flour, add water and autolise for hour or so

squish in starter, salt and seeds

bulk ferment for hour at 28c

fold every half hour for three hours

if dough is bouncy and raised x 50% turn out and cut in half

pre shape and leave for half hour

shape again and place in floured bannetons

put in fridge for 12 hours or more until it passes the polke test

oven 240c

turn out dough into Pyrex lid

slash top and cover

cook 20min at 240c, take off top and cook another 20min