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90% Stoneground white Flour

10% Wholemeal flour

80% hydration

16% liquid sourdough starter

2% salt

1. mix 70% of the water with the flours and the sourdough starter and let it rest for 3 hours to autolyse (active autolysis)

2. mix at medium-high speed in a mixer with the K tool while adding the water drop by drop, for a total time of around 5 min

3. then add the salt

4. let it rest on a surface for 15 min, then slap and fold

5. antoher two sets of slap and fold every 15 min

6. now place inside a bowl and every hr perform a gentle fold

7. after 8 hrs from the beginning pre-form, form and rest in a banetton overnight

baked in a dutch oven 25 min at 250 deg, then uncovered 25 min at 200 deg