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Soda Bread cooked in a large slow cooker (SIX LITRE)


1lb 4oz Wholemeal pastry flour with 1tsp bicarbonate of soda added

1.5 really large mugs water with 1 tbs olive oil and 1tbs lemon juice added


Line the 6 litre slow cooker with greasproof paper or foil

Turn the slow cooker to high and cover the lid with a cushion, wait until it has got hot.

As quickly as possible mix water into the dry ingredients making a very soft dough. Handle as little as possible and make as wet as you can handle. Put a bit of flour on the outside of the soggy ball and put in the cooker. Flatten to to fit the shape of the bottom with a 1" gap around the edge. Put the lid on and cover with cushion.

Cook for one and a quarter hours approx (or a little less). Get the loaf out, remove paper and check the bottom is cooked by tapping on it.

Put on wire rack and cover with a teatowel until cool.