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Slow rise pizza dough

You need:

660g 00 flour
.6g dried yeast
14g salt


Before bed:
Make the poolish – mix 300g water and 300g flour with 0.6g dried yeast. Cover (I use a plastic shower cap) and leave to prove whilst you sleep (usually needs around 10 hours at room temperature but I've left it for longer). It should be bubbly by morning.

When you get up:
Mix 70g water, 330g flour, and 14g salt into your poolish to form large pizza dough. Cover and leave to rest for around 1 hour.

When you're dressed!
Knead dough for 5-10 minutes (or until dough is stretchy and smooth).
Cover and leave to rest for around 1 hour.

Before you start your day:
Divide and shape dough into 4 balls (it also makes 5 if you want smaller pizzas).
Cover and leave dough to prove for 8-10 hours (or until doubled in size).

That's it. leave it somewhere at normal room temp and when you come back to it in the evening it will be ready to shape into individual pizzas.