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Simple White bread with Kefir

Ingrediencies and process
200g Finest Bakers White Bread Flour - No.1 (101)
1 soup spoon of yeast
200g of filtered water
Mix this well and store it away for good 10-12h (make sure top is closed and but some clean film again, that will help from not drying)

After 10-12h you prepare the rest and mix all together
Ingrediencies and process
Open starter and add
500g of Finest Bakers White Bread Flour - No.1 (101)
340g of Biotiful Organic Kefir (link to buy it Make sure its plain not a flavoured with any fruits, coop sell this in their shops
1x tea spoon of table salt
1x tea spoon of cumin (if you don’t like no need to add)

Now you mix everything together in kitchen robot and then put it back in to plastic bowl to let it process,(make sure its again closed with clean film so its not drying) after 1h open and preshaping sourdough then again after 1h preshaping sourdough again then after second time you put the sourdoug in Loaf Proving Basket for 4-5h but make sure you have cover it with clean film that will help sourdough not to dry and will raise better, after 4-5h you get baking paper and put it in Enameled Cast Iron, remember cut the top of sourdoug with sharp knife so bread not brake to much, then close and put it in cold oven for 60 minutes on 220C
When you open the oven and Enameled Cast Iron you be surprise what lovely bread it is :)
Here is my email if you have any questions, happy to help (
Good luck!