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Simple sourdough pizza

500 grams white bread flour (substitute plain flour if you have partially/fully run out of bread flour as I had!)

300 grams of starter

250 water preferably filtered from a water jug!

8-10 grams of salt

This was a really simple first attempt to bake a pizza on a baking steel and I was totally amazewd at the results bearing in mind I had only about 200 grams left of bread flour so I substituted this with plain old flour to fill the gap!

Turn oven on highest (mine was at 250c)!

Mix all the ingredients together and leave to rest for 30 mins. Just give the dough a few folds and leave for another 30 minutes.

In the mean time I dusted with flour and semolina my pizza paddle in prep and started chopping up veg for the topping!

I floured a surface and took out dough. Half of the dough I put in a plastic airtight container and put in fridge for 3/4 days time!

The half of dough I now had was divided between 2 and rolled out gently to leave a few air bubbles in base. I placed the dough on the floured pizza peel and added the topping starting with the tomato puree. When finished I placed on my baking steel and left for around 8-10 mins when the crispy base delicious pizza was ready!!

That was pizza number 1, I then repeated the task with a veggie version for myself. Was really a bit too large for one person but it was a weekend:)