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Simple sourdough

25ml sourdoug starter from fridge

50ml room temp previously boiled water

50 gm organic white flour

mix well,cover and leave for 3 hrs.

use 100 grms of refreshed starter (put remaining 25gms in fridge for later)

add15ml bog standard olive oil, 300ml cooled boiled water , 400gms organic white flour and 100gms of organic wholemeal flour. Mix well cover and leave to autolyse for 20 to 30 mins. After 20 or so mins oil your work surface and press the ball of dough out into a rectangle. Spread 10gms of salt evenly over and then fold 3 times. Put back into bowl cover with polythene bad leave for 1 hour. After an hour 'fold the dough' as before ,put back into bowl and bag and repeat the 'folding@ hourly twice more. Leave the dough for six hours. Remove from bowl and shape. Put it into your banneton (seam side up)or if you dont have one then a colander lined with a well floured kitchen towel will do the job.Return the dough and container to the polythene bag for about 11/2 hrs( depends on temp of kitchen).

preheatyour oven to 250 deg C for at least 45 mins before you expect to bake. If youve got a pizza stone or some terracotta tiles put them in the oven now.

Put a metal (not glass) dish on the oven floor.When your dough is ready take it out of its polythene bag put a sheet of baking paper over it and turn it upside down so its seam is on the bottom .put a couple of slashes with a sharp knife on the top and put in oven. Set timer to 10 mins. Put hot water from your kettle into the dish on the floor of the oven