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Simple Plum tart


For the dough (the pâte sucrée is a slightly technical -tricky- dough, don't give up!):

butter: 150 g

sugar: 95 g

2 eggs

floor: 250 g

+ vanilla extract and pinch of salt for the flavour


it's better to use a stand mixer.

work the butter so that it transforms into a cream, than add the sugar and mix. Once mixed into a creamy texture, add the aromas (vanilla + salt) and mix lightly again to incorporate those.

Then add the eggs and mix.

At last add the floor, mix but DO NOT OVERWORK the dough. Once mixed, film the dough and place it in the fridge until cold and firm (you can use the freezer for a faster result, or a couple hours to a night in the fridge).

Once firm, lay down and roll it to a 3mm thick layer and place in a pie mold. At this point its better to rest the uncooked dough in the fridge (up to 6hrs). Cook for 15min at 180°C. It has to be lightly cooked as you still need to cook the plums in it.

Note that they is an enormous advantage to have the dough cooled down. It is easier to manipulate and cook.

Plums: I used around 500g of fresh and mature plums. Cut the plums in two, remove the stone. Place the half plum with the cur side down and proceed to slice regularly without taking the slices apart. Once a half plum is cut, lightly press the sides and make the slices slide on each other while placing onto the crust. Proceed for all the plums until no space is left in the tart.

Bake at 170°C utill the plums are cooked (20min-30min), whatch as you don't want to burn the crust.