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Simple Chelsea bun bread machine


for the buns

510 grams of white bread flour.

230 ml of milk

1 egg

1 teaspoon salt

80 grams granulated sugar.

55 grams of soft butter.

1.5 teapoon of easy dried yeast.

for the filling

30grsm butter melted

150 grams sultanans

30gram of brown sugar.

2 tbsp mixed spice.


add the milk, egg into the machine.

sprinke over the flour making sure to cover all the liquid,

in separate corners add the salt, sugar and butter..

make an indent in the middle ( not as far as the liquid ) and add the yeast.

set the machine to basic dough.

grease a square baking tin around a 9inch one..

knock bak the dough slightly and roll into a square-ish shape around 30cm.

brish the dough with the melted butter... & sprinkle the filling over the dough... leave a 2cm gap at the top... so to stick to it self when rolling..

now roll the dough from the bottom like a Swiss role.. not to tight... look at the pictures to show. The amount it's been rolled.

then cut into 12 slices... lay on side in the tin.. cover lightly and leave to rise for an hour. Somewhere warm.

put the oven on 170 fan.. bake for 20 mins...