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Shipton seeded sourdough

I usually make this bread in an evening and bake it in the morning but sometimes I make it in the morning, leave it in the fridge or a coild place until early evening when I let it reach room temperature for an hour before baking.


150g starter

200g tepid water

Add into bowl and mix and then add

100g wholemeal bread flour

300g seeded white flour


Mix all together to make a ragged dough, cover and leave 20min

1tsp salt in 1 tbsp hot water, cool and add to dough. Mix with wet hands.

For the next 3hr every 30min approx wet hands, fold dough over itself several times, and give a quick knead. Cover in between. You will get to know the consistency, which is rather damp, but add flour or water as needed.

After 3hr I shape the loaf, roll it in a mixture of sesame seeds, sunflower and pumpkin seeds (you can use flour, oats, or seeds of your choice) I don't have a proving basket so wrap it in a clean tea towel and place in a colander which is then placed in the fridge, or a cold place, overnight, or all afternoon.

The next day (or evening) I put the shaped dough in room temperature for an hour. Meanwhile I light the oven at Gas Mark 7(240 degrees) and put in my cast iron casserole in which I always bake my loaves.

When heated add the dough to the casserole dish and quickly score the top of the loaf. The dough should rise a little in the heat and the scores become indented. Bake at Gas 7 (220) for 20/25min with the lid on, then reduce heat to 6 (220) for 10min. Finally bake for 25min more with the lid off.

You should now have the perfect loaf, Crusty and delicious. Cool off on a rack and if it is too crusty you can cover when hot with a wet teatowel to soften the crust. I always have to eat a crust when it is still hot!!!! I usually manage to eat the whole loaf before the next weekend. First as bread, then as toast and if there is any left I either make croutons or eggy bread or breadcrumbs. Or feed the birds. Luckily they have other food to eat or they would starve!!!