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Shallot and Dried-fruit Bread

A strongly-flavoured savoury bread – good with cheese and nuts for a nutritional meal.


300g Strong wholemeal spelt flour (Shipton ref 407)

150g Strong white spelt flour (Shipton ref 408)

50g Chestnut flour (Shipton ref 411) or wheatgerm

100g Chopped shallots

100g Dried fruit

Shallot & Dried-fruit Bread10g Fresh yeast

10g Salt

25g Butter

Dash Olive oil

Multi-seed grain (Shipton ref 401) for topping, as required

325ml water


Variation to normal baking method:

  • Whilst the dough is proving, melt the butter and olive oil (stops the butter ‘burning’) and fry the shallots until soft and lightly browned; stir in the fruit to give a shallot/fruit mix and leave to cool.
  • When dough has proved once, pull out to A4 size.
  • Lay the shallot/fruit mix on top.
  • Roll up and seal edges.
  • Apply topping.
  • Prove for about 60 mins, then bake as usual; check if done after 20 mins.


  • I freeze fresh yeast in 10g blocks - much better than dried yeast.
  • Raisins or prunes are recommended for the dried-fruit.
  • I prefer the shallot/fruit mix in a layer rather than mixed throughout the dough - more taste impact.
  • You can add 100g of roasted chopped nuts to the onion and fruit mix for a protein boost.