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Seedy Squares


350g (sifted) 3 Malts & Sunflower Flour (keep the sifted out bits for the topping)

1 tbsp rapeseed oil

half tsp salt

150g water (+ more as needed dependent on humidity)


25g pumpkin seeds

25g spelt flakes

25g Malted wheat flakes

Equipment: pasta machine or rolling pin, pizza wheel, plastic trays, baking trays


Make sure your flour is sifted and mix the bits from the sieve with the topping seeds and flakes.

Sprinkle the seeds across a few trays.

Mix all the other ingredients together and knead gently to smooth.

Leave the dough to rest under a bowl for 30 minutes (cover and put in the fridge if warm).

Heat the oven to 170 degrees and line baking trays with teflon liner/baking paper.

Cut into sausages and roll into fat ropes.

Flour well and either roll through a pasta machine to setting 5 OR roll using a pin until thin.

Spray/brush the flat pieces with clean water and turn over onto the seeds. Make sure your hands are dry and press gently so the seeds stick.

Turn them back over and put on your lined trays - seed side up. Use a pizza wheel to cut them into squares (don’t worry about separating the squares as they will shrink and separate in the oven).

Bake for around 10 mins until crisp but not dark and dry out in the oven with the door ajar (so they are drier & keep longer).

Note: Any seeds that drop off (there are always some) can be added to your cereal/porridge (I use Shipton Mill pinhead oats done in the slow cooker & add leftover seeds & a bit of brown sugar) or mixed into a bread dough so you don’t have to waste them. If you get the mix right and press enough when topping, you shouldn’t have too many.

Also - you can use uo excess sourdough starter in these. I would put in 100g to this quantity and just keep everything else the same.