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Seeded wholemeal sourdough

This is no kneed technique.You can prepere the pre-ferment overnight for mixing,folding, proving and baking next day or prepare the pre-ferment early in the morning and mix,fold in the evening and prove overnight with early morning bake for the breakfest.



100 grams of rye or wheat sourdough starter

100 grams of water

100 grams of stoneground white flour

For the dough

400 grams of flour (you can use 200 of white stoneground,100 mg coarse wholeground flour and 100 mg 3 malts-brown sunflower flour

300 mls of water

10 grams of smoked fakes salt

various seeds (linen seeds,sunflower seeds etc)


When the pre-ferment is ready add on the water and flour and mix it with wooden spatula.Leave it to rest(autholyse) for at least 20 min. After that time add on salt and start the folding process. You have to repeat it ever 30 min for at least the first 3-4 hours. When the folding time is compleated tip it on the surface and and shape a bowl and put it inside teh benneton. You can line the benneton with a mix of wholemeal/rice flour and add on seeds on the bottom. Prove either overnight or during the day (depending on which method using) and bake in the dutch oven. Heat up the oven to 260 and then bake in that temperature for 20 min with the lid on .After 20 min remove the lid and bake for further 15 min lowering the temperature to 220. Enjoy the smell and aroma when it comes out.Best eaten with butter and al fresco or by the lit fire :)