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Seeded Wholemeal Bread


800 gr Stoneground Organic Wholemeal Flour (706)

200 gr Traditional Organic White Flour (704)

80gr 5 Seed Blend (401)

50 gr BIOREAL Organic Fresh Yeast

3 tsp salt

100gr sunflower oil

2 tbs soft brown sugar

600ml (aprox) luke warm water

25 gm wheatgerm (optional)


Mix 1 tbs sugar with the fresh yeast to make into a paste, add a cup of warm water and mix agian. Cover with cling film and leave for about 20mins to sponge

Mix together the flours, salt and 1 tbs sugar.

Mix the yeast mixture, oil and rest of water into the flour and form into a dough, using your hands. Kneed for about 5 mins, until soft and elastic.

Leave in the bowl, cover with cling film, leave in a warm place and allow to rise.

Once risen, knock it back and divide into 3 pieces. Kneed each piece for about 2 mins and put into prepared 1lb loaf tins.

Cover again and leave to rise.

Once risen put into the oven at 210 deg C for 5 mins, then turn down the oven to 200 deg C. Bake until done (about 20 mins)