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Sally & Sue's Sourdough

750g tepid water

100g Shipton's wholemeal flour

50g Shipton's spelt flour

950g Shipton's white Canadian bread flour

250g sourdough starter

20g fine salt

1. Whisk the wholemeal and spelt flours into the water, then incorporate the white flour and knead briefly til all.combined and a rough dough ball is formed, leave for 30-60 mins

2. Add the sourdough starter, stretch and fold the dough by lifting up one side of the dough and folding it over the rest, turn the bowl through 90 degrees and repeat 3 more times to mix in the starter, leave for aother 30-60 mins.

3. Add the salt by stretching and folding the dough, leave for 30-60 mins.

4. Repeat the stretching and folding 3-4 more times over the next 2-3 hours.

5. Tip the dough onto a worktop and divide into 2 equal balls, then use a dough scraper to form each into a tight ball, leave for 30 mins

6. Sprinkle rice flour onto the work top, flip the dough upside down onto this surface and leave to relax for 30 mins.

7. Stretch and fold the dough into a tight ball, place 'seam side up' in a basket or bowl lined with a generously rice floured tea towel, then place in the fridge overnight.

All the above steps can either be compressed into 3-4hours in an evening, or my preferred method, over a day!

8. Next morning, pre-heat the oven and 22 cm cast iron casserole to 240ºC, very carefully place the dough seam side down in the casserole, slash the upper surface, put the lid on the pot then bake for 15 mins. Remove the casserole pot lid, lower the temperature to 220ºC and bake for a furthur 15 mins Repeat with the other dough.