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Rye-wheat bread Darnitskiy

This bread is full of nutrients of dark rye and wholewheat flour and at the same time has the delicate taste and soft structure.

Recipe is for 2 loafs. For one loaf please divide all quantities in two.

Prepare the rye starter 300 g in the evening (feed 38g rye starter, 150 g rye flour, 150 g cold tap water). Keep at the room temperature.

It reaches its peak in 10-14 hours depending on the temperature. It must be at its peak with the slight signs of deflation and noticeable but pleasant acid taste. The acid taste of the starter is very important, the acidity that reaches the starter will help to form nice airy texture, not a sticky one.

Preparing the dough:

Mix in the mixing bowl

420 g of cold water from the tap
300 g of rye starter
340 g of rye flour (you can mix with white rye flour or dark in any proportion you want or just use the dark one). I used 70% dark and 30% of white rye flour.
260 g of wheat flour (you can mix wheat plain flour and wholewheat flour or do it 100% wholewheat or 100% plain flour). I used 70% whole wheat flour, 30% wheat plain flour. All depends on your preferences. I like more strong wholesome flavour.
11 g of salt. You can add more to your taste.

The key for the rye dough is to be kneaded very well. I do it in the stand mixer for 20 minutes starting with the speed 1 and achieving speed 4 at the end. Do not be afraid to overknead this dough. Rye dough will be just better after it.
It can be perfectly done by the hand mixer with the dough attachments. Keep kneading for 15-20 minutes.

After kneading put the dough in the plastic container with enough space for the dough to rise about double of its original size. Put at the place with 27-30 degrees for 50 minutes. Rye loves and needs warm temperatures to rise.

In 50 minutes do \"stretch and fold\" inside the container

Leave it for 50-60 minutes or more till the dough doubles in size.

Put the dough in the loaf tins (occupying no more than 60% of the tin) and again leave them to rise for 50-70 minutes at 27-30 degrees till the dough increases 40-60%. Optional: I put coriander seeds on the top of the dough. Love coriander:)

Preheat the oven for 220 degrees and bake for 15-20 minutes, decrease to 200 degrees and bake another 30-35 minutes.

When cooked take it out of the tin and leave for a minimum of 8 hours on the rack! It is important. The rye dough continues to bake inside during this period. Giving the bread its time and it will return to you with the nicely formed crumb.

This bread is full of goodness! Enjoy!