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Rye and Oat Soda Bread

Rye flour and porridge oats contain a different type of gluten and much less of it. Many find these cereals much more acceptable.

This recipe produces bread with a tight crumb, more of a flat bread.

Baking this bread at too high a temperature will cause the crust to break open. I have found that a longer bake time, coupled with a lower temperature, gives the best result. You can experiment with your own oven but I have found about 110C is about right for about 75 minutes bake time.

The picture shown is of a loaf mixed in a mixer and baked in a breadmaker for 70 minutes, of course the temperature is determined by the breadmaker. However, I have scaled up this recipe and baked six loaves, in ordinary, oiled, bread tins. This was done in a mini electric oven (75mins/110C) and gave good results.

Make sure the bread is cold before cutting it. It can be sliced and frozen if you so wish.


410ml Water
5g Sodium bicarbonate
300g Rye Flour
200g Porridge Oats


Put some of the water in the bottom of the bowl and then add the sodium bicarbonate to this. Add the other dry ingredients and then top off with the remainder of the water. Mix well. Bake, immediately, as suggested above.