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Rustic Baguettes


  • 80g rye levain (sourdough starter)
  • 410g water
  • 520g white flour (I use Traditional Organic White (704))
  • 40g dark rye flour (I use Organic Dark Rye Flour - Type 1350 (603))
  • 12g salt

Autolyse: mix flours with cool water and leave to rest between 6 and 12 hours.

Starter: during autolysis let starter grow. I grow the starter with dark rye flour for 12 hours, 100% hydration (50% dark rye flour, 50% water), usually at the same time as I autolyse the rest of the flour.

Mixing & Stretching: After autolysis and growing the starter, mix them, including the salt. Let the resulting dough to rest for 30 minutes. After the rest, stretch and fold the dough every 20-30 minutes, 4 or 5 times.

Bulk fermentation: After all that streching and folding put in the fridge (4°C) for anything between 12 and 36 hours. There are considerations to be made here, e.g., for a shorter fermentation maybe add more starter or ferment warmer in the latter stages.

Shaping & proving: There are many methods for shaping. I use a floured linen cloth to separate them. I like baguettes and demi-baguettes, but my oven is small so I usually go for smallish ones.

Baking: Bake first 5-8 minutes at between 230°C and 250°C, with steam (I use a tray with water). Bake for another 17-20 minutes between 200°C and 230°C without the steam.

Excellent to eat after 30 minutes of baking.

Google and Youtube are great for learning how to stretch and fold and how to shape. Sticky doughs, such as this one, are not very easy to handle.