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Rum Baba with lavender cream


Yeast cake: Soak 50g sultanas in 50ml oak-aged rum. Soften 50g butter. Dissolve 12g of fresh yeast in

2 tbsp warm water. Place 125g plain flour in a bowl, make a well and add 2 tbsp caster sugar, 1 egg, a

pinch of salt and the yeast. Mix well using a dough hook, add another egg and mix again.

Add the melted butter and mix until the dough is smooth and elastic. Incorporate the drained

sultanas (keep the rum) and spoon into buttered savarin moulds. Leave to rise until

doubled in size (about 45 min). Bake 15 min at 200 °C. Leave to cool on a wire rack before soaking in


Rum syrup: Bring 100ml water, 2 tbsp sugar and the rum from the raisins to the boil. Immerse the babas in the hot syrup until they don’t come up to the surface anymore. Leave to dry on baking parchment.

Cream Filling: Whisk 100ml double cream and add 3 tbsp lavender sugar. Spoon into the cooled babas before serving.

Decorate with dried or crystallised flowers if you wish.