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Rosemary Foccacia

500gr Strong white flour

2 teaspoons of fine sea salt

3 tablespoons EVOlive oil

1 tablespoon malt extract

300-320ml water

7grms dried yeast/ 21grms fresh yeast

Rosemary, Extra EVOO and sea salt to finish


1. Prepare dough in normal way, allowing the dough to be looser than normal: like a french baguette dough

2. Using a generous amount of EVOO, pour approx 3 tbs onto baking tray and press the dough down, turning to coat with EVOO, until it fits the tray and is approx 1cm thick

3. Prove for approx 40mins, once risen using your fingers depress and make holes ( until your fingers touch the baking tray)

4. Allow to prove again: once fully proved mix and dissolve 2tsp sea salt into water and pour across the dough or generously brush dough, liberally sprinkle with more EVOO and chopped rosemary ( optional, can be left plain and bake for approx 15 mins