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Risborough Sourdough Sandwich Loaf


450g Shipton Mill Organic White Flour N*4.

50g 100% Organic Wholemeal Rye Flour,

100g White Sourdough Starter,

320g Filtered or Bottled Water, at the same temp as your kitchen

10g Pink Himalayan Salt (fine), or fine Natural Salt.

50/50 mix of flour & semolina for dusting.


Apart from the salt, put all the ingredients into a lightly warmed mixing bowl, mix until combined then cover & leave to rest & autolypse for 30 minutes. Uncover bowl sprinkle over the salt and mix well, scrape down sides of the bowl & form mixture into a rough ball, cover & leave for 45mins. After 45 mins has passed uncover bowl and carefully give the dough 4 folds then cover the bowl. Repeat this process 3 more times at 45min intervals. After the last fold sequance let it rest in the bowl for 30mins then turn out onto a dusted work top. Stretch dough slightly & flatten to knock back, then shape to fit desired mould or tin which has been dusted well with flour & semolina. Dust the dough Well and Place into mould or tin seam side down. Cover tin & leave for 1 hour in kitchen then place in fridge over night or for 6 - 8 hours. Heat oven with baking stone at 230*c, 5 mins before cooking add a tray of boiling water at bottom. Of the oven. When your ready take sourdough from fridge, uncover & dust with some flour then slash length ways through the middle then put in oven onto stone, bake for 25 mins then take out water tray and turn oven down to 220*c & bake for 15mins then remove mould and put back in oven for 10 mins to dry out the sides. Put onto cooling rack and leave to cool for at least 1 hour before using.