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Rich & Moist Fruit Cake

For a 9 inch cake, you will need;

150g raisins

350g glacé cherries

500g currants

300g sultanas

zest of 2 oranges

brandy (150ml for soaking plus extra for feeding)

250g unsalted butter

250g dark muscovado sugar

275g Shipton mill plain flour

4 large eggs

50g chopped blanched almonds

1 tbsp dark treacle

1 tsp mixed spice

A couple of days or so before baking, soak all of the fruit and the orange zest in 150ml brandy. Stir once or twice a day

Grease and double line your baking tin, and add a layer of baking paper to the outside of the tin (this helps to stop the outside burning before the centre cooks).

Mix the butter, sugar, eggs, almonds and treacle together, then add the flour and mixed spice. Follow by stirring in the fruit.

Bake at 140°C for around 3-3.5 hours. Check periodically to ensure the top doesn't burn, and add a layer of baking paper loosely over the top if needed. Check if it's baked by sticking a skewer or a knife in the centre - if it comes out clean it's baked.

Cool completely in the pan. Poke holes around two thirds of the way down at various points around the cake and dribble small amounts of brandy to feed. Repeat weekly, i usually do this for around 6 weeks prior to decorating.

Marzipan and ice as desired.