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Quick Seeded Bread 2Lb Loaf


300g Strong white flour.

325g Shipton Mill Three Malts & Sunflower Organic Brown flour.

3 Tsp Sugar.

1 1/2 Tsp Salt.

3 Tsp Quick Yeast.

£ Tbsp Sunflower Oil.

40 g Mixed Seeds ( Sunflower, Millet, Pumpkin Seed, Poppy Seed Etc).

380 ml Warm Water.


In a mixing bowl, place White flour, Malt flour, Sugar, Salt, Yeast & Mixed seeds, Stir with a spoon to mix throughly.

Then make a small well in the middle of the mix, add the Sunflower oil, then the warm water.

I use a mixer & a dough hook, then mix slowly at first until well mixed, then turn the mixer up in order to kneed the bread mix, for 12 minutes

or if doing my hand kneed for a good 15 minutes untill the dough is smooth and plyable.

I usally use a basket mould for my bread but otherwise use a 2Lb loaf tin.

Place the dough in basket or tin, cover and leave in a warm place for 30minutes, I usally set a timer for 20 minutes, then pre-heat my oven at 200 C for the last 10 minutes,

If using a basket to mould your dough, turn it out on to a well floured baking tray, make any a few knife slashes across the top of the dough.

Place the tray or loaf tin into the oven for 40 minutes.

After that time, remove from oven, turn out of the loaf tin & leave to cool on a wire rack .

Happy eating.