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Quick Rye & Seeds Soda Bread using Dutch Oven


Shipton Organic Dark Rye Flour (603) 175g

White Self Raising Flour 175g (or plain white and just add extra 1/2 tsp of Bi carb Soda)

Soured Milk 340g (Dairy or non dairy 325g plus 15g lemon juice )

Treacle (or Molasses ) 1 tbsp

Bicarb Soda 1 tsp (or 1.5 tsp if using plain flour)

4/5 seed mix 50g Sunflower, Pumpkin, linseed etc

salt 1 tsp


1. At least 30mins before you plan to mix your ingredients sour milk with lemon juice if not already naturally sour.

2. At same time if using Dutch oven put in oven 230/240 (I have an Aga so temp is approx) 30mins before you start to mix ingredients

3. Put all 5 dry ingredients in bowl

4. Add and stir in treacle to soured milk

5. Make a dip in centre of dry ingredients and using knife gently stir in milk mixture. Don’t over mix and it will be moist !

6. Leave for a couple of minutes to allow for some liquid absorption but not much more as the soda wil be starting to do its business.

7. Gently scrape sloppy mixture onto parchment paper and shape in to a large scone c 18cms diam and with a wet knife make a cross pressing down c.5cm so you have 4 quarters marked (or just do 1 indentation to have 2 semicircle portions marked for cutting through later)

8. Remove hot dutch oven pot from oven and using parchment paper corners to hold with oven gloves to avoid hands/arms getting burnt carefully drop the big scone into the pot and cover lid.

9. Cook for 18-22 mins Yes that quick! Check after 15 mins and then every 2/3 mins after as when it looks browned it’s ready.

10. Remove from pot and discard paper leaving to cool on a rack for an hour before eating.

Keeps for 2 days wrapped in a tea towel or sometimes I use a glass cheese/cake dome on breadboard By day 3 time it will likely be getting a bit too dry so slice and freeze if any left by then.

Great toasted with scrambled eggs particularly if it’s been frozen.