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Porridge with almonds and cranberries

Serves – Two Cooking and preparation time -10 mins


2 tablespoons of flaked almonds (1 for toasting and 1 for cooking Porridge)

2 cups of pinhead oats (one cup for one person) 1 cup of water (Optional :1 cup of cream for garnish)

2 tablespoons of cranberries


• Place 1 tbsp of flaked almonds in a frying pan and toast until golden, then set aside.

• In a saucepan, thoroughly stir the 2 cups of pinhead oats with the water.

• Bring the oats to boil and then reduce the heat to a simmer.

• Stir in the remaining (untoasted) flaked almonds, cranberries (cranberries may be placed after cooking as well if you wish).

• Keep stirring the oats until they have become a nice thick Porridge, then add the whole almond. • Pour into bowls and sprinkle the toasted almonds over the Porridge.

• Enjoy the perfect pinhead oatmeal porridge with cranberries and almonds!