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Poor mans Brioche

1. Make a Tangzong

- 4 tbls milk - 20g Bread flour - 27g Water

In a pan heat up your milk, add your bread flour then thin with the water. You want a nice unedible looking paste that will stick to your spoon if you held it upside down (if at least for a second or two!).

2. Activite the yeast

- 120g milk, tepid/warm - 7g yeast - 1/2tsp honey

Mix together and allow to activate. You want foaming on the top.

3. Making the dough

320g White BF - 35g Sugar - 7g salt

In a bowl, preferably a stand mixer bowl mix dry ingredients above on slow and then add yeast mixture and combine. Add Tangzong and combine.

4. Adding Fats

1 egg yolk - one whole egg - 42g room temp butter

Add the egss, easy. Now add the ROOM TEMPERATURE butter in small batches, dont just hoik it all in at once. Mix and knead the dough untill you get a nice shiny smooth surface and it pasess the window pane test.

5. 1st Proof

Proove for 1/1.5 hours in your favourite prooving spot.

6. Shaping

Cut and shape your mini boules. 95-105g per bun.

7. 2nd proof

Leave on a floured surface far enough apart so that they dont touch and cover loosely - proof for 1-2 hours. Use your baking skills here to know when done.

8. Cook

Wash with egg or milk and bake at 190c for 16-18 mins internal temp about 201C. Note - I give the oven a good spritzing for moisture - dont think this is really necessary.


P.s mine are a bit dark