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Pizza dough- 24 hour sourdough

Makes three thin 10" pizzas or two thicker 12"

285g Shipton 00 Flour (sub out up to 50g of 00 for somethink like white spelt if you want to experiment)

50g mature sourdough starter, room temp. (I make the 50/50 flour/ water ratio type)

40g wholemeal flour

210g water (at 20-24°C is ideal!)

9g salt

Day before pizza night!

5pm- Mix it all up. Probably 3-4 mins in a mixer. Shouldn't be completely smooth, remember it's pizza not bread so don't worry about gluten development too much.

9pm- Leave it in an oiled bowl until 9pm. Don't panic if it's later, it's not a big deal really (I once left it out until 5am! It was fine.) You want to "fold" the dough (flatten it out, fold all edges in one at a time) then flip it over and shape into a boule. Back in the bowl, bowl in the fridge.

Pizza day!

At lunchtime-ish (11am, 12 noon, 1pm) take the dough out of the fridge. Don't stress about times too much. Divide into two or three balls and using cupped hands work each dough ball in a circular motion, your left hand pushes forward to spin the dough clockwise and your right hand pulls toward you while gently using finger tips to guide the sides of your dough ball underneath itself. This creates a ball with good surface tension. Once you think you've hidden the cutting "seam" and got an even, smooth dough ball cover with either a towel, bowl or clingflilm. Just leave it out on your work surface covered until cooking time...

5-7pm- use the heel of one hand to make a crate in a dough ball. Use lots of flour on top and underneath (use a dough scraper to work flour under it!). Now work from within your crater and push out, spin the dough slightly each time so your create an even circle. This way you'll retain a lovely puffed outer crust and a nice thin middle. Top with sauce and mozzerella, cook until it looks done! If you're using a home oven I recommend preheating a cast iron baking "stone".