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perfect bread from machine

this is a recipe for a small bread machine, this one wants the liquid to go in first, then flour on top with wells for other ingrediaents. Well - that would be for boring old dried yeast.... try this with fresh yest and the result is so much tastier!

  • start with the water
  • 240ml luke warm - example: mix 140 cold water with 100ml from kettle aftyer youve made a cup of tea and the temperature is perfect.
  • two teaspoons of brown sugar and a generous teaspoon of fresh yeast need to be stirred into the water to dissolve.
  • Add 400g flour - this bread was made with white organic flour but this works with all sorts - white multi-grain, wholemeal with and without grains or a mix are all good.
  • since sugar and yeast are already in the water, you make only two wells in the top of the flour layer: one for 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt, the other for a generous dollop of olivie oil.

Set to normal or quick programme - works with either. The one in this piture ran on programme named 'normal'.