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Pasta and beans


table spoon of olive oil

clove of garlic

fresh tomatoes (diced) about a cup

half cup of white wine

can of butter beans or other white beans

small handful of flat parsley (roughly chopped)

favourite pasta (linguine, spaghetti, but particularly good with orecchiette or fusilli al ferretto)


Boil some water for the pasta, salt the water and put the pasta onto cook. Do not over cook, it should be al dented when taken out of the water. Do not throw the water this can be used for additional fluid in the dish.

in a wok or large frying pan, add a table spoon (at least) of olive oil and place Ona very gente heat. The garlic can be added as crushed bulbs and used to infuse the oil and then taken out or finely chopped and remain in the dish. I prefer to infuse the oil with the garlic and then take it out.

Once the garlic has slightly turned golden take it out of the oil, this should take a few minutes on a gentle heat. Add the cup of diced fresh tomatoes and let them simmer down, add the beans with the juice (it’s all good), and add the wine, add a bit of salt for flavour. Let this simmer down, a much higher heat can be used here and you will need to have a little Liquid showing in the pan, don’t boil dry.

Whilst the beans are simmering down the pasta should be ready. Take the pasta out of the pan with a pasta spoon or tongs and add it to the beans. Over a gentle heat make sure the whole dish is combined. By adding the pasta and keeping a gentle heat, the pasta gains the flavour of the sauce. If more liquid is needed add some of the pasta water or more olive oil.

and that’s it, serve in a bowl and add some of that gorgeous parsley and enjoy.