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Pão De Queijo (Homemade Brazilian Cheese Bread)

Recipe from our Italian Chef Jacopo Di Carlo

500 g Shipton Mill Tapioca Starch
150 g Water
150 g Rapeseed Oil
150 g British Whole Milk
150 g Free-range Eggs
10 g Sea salt
200 g Cheddar cheese
25 g Parmesan cheese

In a deep pot bring to the boil the milk, water and rapeseed oil.
Pour the liquid mixture over the starch, mix until everything it has been absorbed.
Let it cool, then add the eggs, salt and cheeses. Mix well.
Shape balls of 60 gr each and bake in a trays with parchment.
Baking at 180°C for around 30 minutes.
Let it cool, if you can resist, and devour it!!