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Overnight Sourdough Recipe


150 g bubbly starter
285 g water at room temperature
500 g bread flour organic
9 g sea salt fine


• Mix all ingredients, cover and autolyse for approx.. 30 minutes.
• Stretch and fold the dough into the bowl 4 times (15minute intervals) for about a minute each time.
• Cover and place in fridge (near top) overnight – 12/14 hours is good.
• In morning take out of fridge. Scrape out of bowl into a sheet of oven parchment paper lightly dusted with flour. Don’t punch it down, keep as many of those bubbles as you can. Gently fold pulling out side edges into middle like you would an envelope and shape as you wish. With care pull the outside of the dough as tightly as possible in order that it holds its shape.
• Cover loosely with some oiled plastic wrap and rest for 30 minutes – no more or less.
• Remove plasyic wrap and slash with knife or lame
• Having pre-heated the oven to 240/250C say 475F including your iron pot. Carefully remove the pot from oven and remove lid.
• Lift the parchment paper by the edges with the dough on it and place in the pot, cover with lid and put in oven.
• Reduce the oven temp to 425F and bake for 25 minutes with lid on, remove lid and bake for further 20 minutes. When cooked inside temp of bread should be 200/210F.
• Take out of oven and completely cool before cutting.