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Organic White Sourdough

The night before:

Refresh your starter
30g Sourdough Starter (I keep a small amount in a pot in the fridge)
50g Wholemeal Rye Flour (I use Organic Dark Rye Flour - Type 1350 (603))
50g Water at 35C

Leave overnight at room temprature (you should see it almost double in volume with lots of bubbles)

Next Morning:

Combine the ingredients below in your favorite mixing bowl and mix until all are combined and no dry flour is left
100g Refreshed sourdough starter from above, leaving a little to po back in the fridge for next time
450g Strong white bread flour (I use Organic White Flour No.4 (105))
310g Room temperature water
10g Salt

Cover and leave to rest for half an hour

Througout the rest oif this proccess handle the dough gently to preserve as much of the trapped gas as possible

Tip out onto a wet table (I have a small spray bottle for this) and with wet hands strech and fold dough, pulling the edges out and foding to the oposite side of the dough, do at least ten folds if you can.

Return to your bowl, turning it over so what was on top is in the bottom of the bowl

Cover and leave to rest for about two hours then repeat the stretch and fold, six or eight folds this time, return to your bowl down side up again and cover

Leave to rest for about two hours again then repeat the above six or eight folds (dont forget to wet the worktop and your hands). Return to your bowl down side up again and cover

After about one hour, and this time dusting the worktop and the top of your dough in the bowl with flour, turn the dough out floured side down. Shape the dough to form your prefered shape, simply repeating the strech and fold into a boule works for me. Once shaped cover with a cloth and leave for about an hour to 'bench rest'. mMake sure there is a light dusting of flour on the top of the dough, turn over and do a final shaping.

Put the dough into a dusted banneton or bowl lined with a dry and dusted cloth then put in the fridge overnight to prove.

Next morning preheat your oven to its highest temperature, put a roasting tin or similar in the bottom of the oven in to which you can add water for steam.

once hot, boil a kettle and add (with care) the boiling water to the tray. Turn out your loaf, score as you choose and place in the oven for 35 min

Tap the bottom of the loaf, if it sounds hollow it's done, if not return to the oven