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Organic multigrain bread


420ml. Lukewarm water

10g. Organic dried yeast

5g. Salt

15g. Organic extra virgin olive oil

30g. Organic molasses

250g. Organic strong white flour

100g. Organic strong wholemeal flour

50g. Organic kamut (Khorasan) flour

50g. Organic wholemeal spelt flour

50g. Organic wholemeal rye flour

50g. Organic barley flour

50g. Organic buckwheat flour

30g. Organic malted wheat flakes

20g. Organic chopped rye for pumpernickel

10g. Organic wheatgerm and bran

50g. Organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds with brown and golden linseed


Mix all ingredients together, knead for 15 minutes, cover with cling film and rest for 3 hours. Preheat oven to 240°C, once dough is rested turn onto floured surface to form a loaf. Put loaf on baking sheet and make a single cut down length, after 10-15 mins, when the oven will be ready, put it inside. Cook first for 17 mins, after reduce temperature to 200°C and cook for other 13 mins until dark brown.

Cool and enjoy.