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Organic Khorasan Sourdough


  • 100g white or wholemeal starter
  • 50g+600g organic white 'No.4' flour
  • 300g organic khorsan flour
  • 50g+620g water (at ~30deg C)
  • 16g flaked sea salt


(Timing provided as a rough indication)

Previous evening:

  • Remove 100g starter from fridge to bring up to room temp.

7:30 - Prepare starter:

  • Feed starter with 50g white organic No. 4 flour/50g water (at ~30deg C), leave to double (takes around 2hrs on warm surface, e.g. top coffee machine)

9:30 - Mix ingredients:

  • Add 200g starter to 620g water (at ~30deg C) in large bowl
  • Add 16g flaked salt, stir till dissolved
  • Add 600g white organic No. 4 flour and 300g Khorasan flour and stir until combined (should be a wet sloppy dough)Cover with tea towel and rest for 30min

10:15 - 1st fold:

  • Spritz the top of dough/counter/scraper/hands with water
  • Tip dough onto counter (top of dough into counter, dough in contact with bowl is stickier) stretch and fold 15 times, rotating between each fold.
  • Turn ball of dough upside down (seam on bottom) and place in bowl
  • Spritz top of dough with water, cover bowl with tea towel and rest for ~2hrs

12:15 - 2nd fold:

  • Repeat above, again resting for ~2hrs

14:15 - 3rd fold:

  • Repeat above, resting for ~1hr instead

15:15 - Pre-shape:

  • Dust counter with flour and tip out dough (top of dough into counter)
  • Cut dough in half, peeling half away as cut (leave sticky side of dough facing up)
  • Repeat 15 folds as above, forming the dough into a tight ball to put the sticky side ‘inside’ the ball
  • Repeat for other half of dough
  • Turn balls of dough upside down (seam on bottom) and place on flour dusted counter
  • Dust top of dough with flour, cover with tea towel and rest for ~1hr

16:30 - Final shape:

  • On a flour dusted counter gently stretch dough out into a small square
  • Fold the left and right sides over, overlapping each other, leave bottom/closest edge wider
  • Roll top/furthest edge over and push away with thumbs, work along until dough forms a tight roll
  • Dust proving basket with flour (wholemeal, rice or semolina flour are good and lining with muslin/linen will aid removal but remove trademark flour rings)
  • Lightly dust dough and place seam side up in banneton
  • Place in fridge over night to prove

Next day - Bake:

  • Remove loaves from fridge ~1hr before baking (you can bake straight from fridge, dough will be firmer and won't 'splat' out as much when slid onto stone, results in a rounder loaf)
  • Put stone in middle of oven and water tray in bottom, pre-heat to to max temp/330deg
  • Carefully tip out dough into dusted peel and brush excess flour off loaf
  • Slice across loaf to create ear
  • Pour boiling water into tray and slide loaves into oven
  • Bake for 15mins
  • Turn down oven to 190deg C and bake for further 20min