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Oat and flaxseed bread

300g strong white flour

100g wholemeal flour

100g rolled oats

2 tbsp flaxseeds

2 tsp active dried yeast

1 - 2 tsp salt (according to taste)

320ml water

40ml olive oil

Combine flour, oats, flaxseeds, yeast and salt. Add water and oil and knead till smooth and elastic (I do this in a stand mixer).

Leave to prove in lighly oiled bowl until doubled in size.

Knock back, fold several times, form into round and leave to rest for 10-15 minutes. Form into final shape (I make this on a tray with the outer ring of a loose bottomed cake tin to hold the shape).

Leave to prove then slash top (if desired).

Place in oven at 220C for 25 minutes, turn oven down to 200C and leave for another 10-15mins. (Add roasting tin to bottom of oven and fill with water when putting bread in the oven to create steam).