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( NON Sourdough ) Swedish inspired, Scalded, No knead, Multigrain and Seaded Rye bread


Scalded rye flour, prepare 8 to 12 hours before mixing into main dough

Wholemeal rye flour. 100 g

Near boiling water 200 g / ml


Wholemeal spelt flour 200 g

Wholemeal bread flour 100 g

White bread flour 100 g

Rolled oats 50 g

Grated carrot medium 90 g

Golden flax seeds lightly ground 30 g

Sesame seeds 30 g

sunflower seeds 30 g

Water room temp 250 g / ml

sea salt 10 g

Caraway seeds lightly crushed in p & m 1 tsp. i used 1/2 tsp

fennel seeds lightly crushed in pestel & m 1/2 tsp i used 1/4 tsp

active or instant dry yeast 1/2 tsp

Cocoa powder 8 g

Instant espresso coffee powder 4 g

blackstrap molasses or treacle 30 g i used blackstrap

Golden syrup or honey 12 g I used golden syrup


add the rye flour to a bowl and pour over near boiling water, mix well to a paste with a fork, cover and leave at room temp from 8 to 12 hours. Couldn't be simpler. i do mine at 10am and add to my main dough mix up at 10 pm ( 12 hours ) you could do overnight too.

Heat to lukewarm 100 g / ml of your 250 g / ml of room temp water in a pan And dissolve the blackstrap molasses, golden syrup, cocoa powder and instant coffee into it and give it a mix. Add this back into your 150 g of room temp water And let cool down.

add all the other ingredients in your mixing bowl including your scalded rye flour mix by the spoonfull and give it a good mix up, now slowly add your water syrup mix and stir as you go. Give it all a good mix, but no need to over do it. Now cover the bowl and put it to bed, either on your kitchen counter or in the fridge for its bulk fermentatio ( first prove ) from 12 to 24 hours. I do 16 hours, so it went to bed at 10 pm and the next day at 2 pm is 16 hours. I do however at 13, 14, and 15 hours give it 3 sets of stretch and folds in the bowl, to wake it up and stretch the gluten, so its 2 in the afternoon I take it out of the bowl with my dough scraper and gently knock it back on the counter, then I shape it and put it in my bread pan. Most folk when they make the no knead bread use a Dutch oven. I then put it somewhere warm for its 1 to 1 1/2 hour final proove. At 1 hour 15 minutes I preheat my fan oven to 230c 250c normal oven, then when I put it in the oven I lower it to 180c 200c normal oven. When I bake it I also do it poor mans Dutch oven style, with another bread pan clipped on the top of my bread pan, to create internal steam, if you don't do this, then a metal tray at the bottom of your oven with boiling water in it would work just as well. I bake it for 45 to 50 minutes in the pans, than take it out of the oven, remove the pans and put it back in the oven naked for a further 5 to 10 minutes. They do say with some rye breads, don't cut into it for 24 hours to give it time to mature and develop the flavour, as yet I've never managed to resist that long but I do try to give it 3 or 4 hours rest. Enjoy your tasty bread.