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No Knead White with Khorasan

To make a Poulish


80g White flour (I used organic No4)

1g of BIOREAL Organic Dried Yeast

80g of cold water

about 12 hours before wanting to make the loaf

Cover and leave at room temprature.

For the Loaf

Autolyse350g White flour

40g Khorasan flour

240g Water at about 38 deg C

Do Not Add the Salt at thisa stage

Bring together until all the ingredients are combined, cover and leave in a warm place for at least 30 min, I left mine 2 hours just because I was doing other things.

Assemble the Loaf

To the Autlysed mix add the Poulish, 10g of Salt and a further 2g of Yeast (put the salt and yeast at oposite sides of the bowl)

Mix everything together, I squeze the dough through my fingers. It will seem to break up the dough but as things mix it will re combine and be well mixed.

Cover and leave to prove for one hour.

Next fold the dough, right side to the left, left to right, top to bottom, bottom to top. You should be left with a tighter ball in the middle of the bowl.

Prove once more for another hour

Tip out onto a lightly flourd surface

Now its time to shape the dough using a similar method to the folding above, this is to create tension in the dough which will help keep its shape

Don't be tempted to add too much dusting flour at this stage as it will change the recipie and make for a heavier loaf texture.

Once shaped place the dough into a proving basket, banneton or bowl with a well floured cloth in it.

Allow to rise then bake in a hot oven for 30 min

Top Tips

During the session at the mill I asked Chris how to best prevent dough from sticking in the bannetons, especialy when working with high hydration dough (75%+). RICE FLOUR, dust your basket with Rice flour or even Rice plus white flour 50/50, I have had nothing stick since using this.

To get the best oven spring and a great loaf use a Dutch oven. A cast iron casserole pot with the lid on will do for this, put the pot in the oven when pre heating.

Tip your loaf out onto a strip of baking parchment and use this to lift and lower your loaf int the hot pot. Bake for 20 min with the lid on then remove the lid for the last 10 to 15 min.

This method gives a nice moist enviroment for the initial oven spring to occur before the crust sets