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Nigella Seed Sourdough

Use sourdough starter to biuld up a levain over 1-2 days at room temp:

Add 200g strong white to 20g of SD starter culture with 200g of water and mix together.

Once you see clear evidence of fermentation, add 400g of strong white flour, 50g of Diastatic Brown malt flower (VISTAMALT CRYSTAL FLOUR) This adds a lovely depth of nutty flavour and deep brown colour mix with sea salt 1 teaspoon and 200g of water. Add 25g Nigella Seeds and 25g of sunflower seeds.

Fold together and rest at 30 mins intervals over the course of 4-6 hours.

Let the dough rise for 6-8 hrs. Then empty onto a floured worktop and fold together again. Leave for 30 mins. Fold again using a little flour. Add to a floured banneton. Leave to proof over 4-6 hrs at room temp.

To help the proofing process, i sometimes turn the oven on for 10 mins at 60c. turn off the oven then add the banneton and dough for 1-2hrs.

Once risen, empty dough from banneton to a preheated oven for 20mins at 220c then 20mins at 240c. Remove from oven and pet to cool for a min of 2hrs.