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New Flour Experience French White Flour - Type 55 (102)


For the Starter Mix:

350g French White Flour - Type 55 (102)

5g BIOREAL Organic Dried Yeast

Mix the yeast through the flour with a spatula or clean fingers

350g Water, add to the above Starter and mix well, this does need a spatula.

Cover and leave overnight or at least six hours.

To complete the loaf:

150g French White Flour - Type 55 (102)

3g Sugar

10g Salt


Add both to the starter mix and mix well followed by kneading.

I use a Kenwood and run on setting two for a couple of minutes then leave to rest for 15 min then repeat, do this a couple of times (3 mixes in all).

Turn out onto a board and shape your loaf, cover and allow to rise until it quite double in size.

Bake in a per heated oven at 230C

Ihave done a couple of these, one using a cast iron pot in the domestic oven, another in my outdoor wood fired oven, both were great.